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iPhone 7 sales expected to be lower this year...

Stewart Diamond

As the likely launch date of the new iPhone approaches, Wall Street is getting jumpy about its chances of driving up Apple's revenues and profits. The next-generation device, which may be called either the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, is expected to launch in mid-September, and Apple's shareholders will expect it to build on the huge success of its predecessor.

The company is widely expected to unveil the new iPhone on 9 September, and new reports today suggest that the device will go on sale in key markets, including the UK, on 18 September (see below).

Those dates would be in line with the usual launch schedule for the iPhone: last year's upgrade was revealed on 9 September and made available to buy on 19 September.

Unlike last year's all-new device, the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 is likely to include only incremental improvements over its predecessor – and that could lead to disappointment for Apple's customers and shareholders.

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10 Reasons to own an iPhone....

Stewart Diamond

Phones are incredibly devices that truly represent the pinnacle of technology. Since the iPhone we have seen a paradigm shift in the way we interact with technology – it’s become much more seamless, much more intuitive and much more stylish. For perhaps the first time ever, almost everyone has the equivalent of a powerful PC on their person that gives them easy and convenient access to the web and a range of functions.

If it wasn’t for the iPhone, there would be no iPads, no tablets, no smart watches and no Windows 8. Yet the iPhone still remains the original and the best. Here we will look at what it is that sets this miraculous device apart from the crowd.

1 Appearance

The appearance of the iPhone sets it apart as not just a boring device, but in fact a fashion icon. The iPhone 5 is about the slimmest and lightest phone on the market which is incredible considering its power.

2 Accessories

There are more accessories for the iPhone than for any other phone on the market – and maybe in history. No other device has so many customization options in terms of cases and stands, nor so many optional peripherals like gamepads. You can even get cases custom built to your specifications!

3 Apps

The App store remains the store with by far the greatest number of apps, while stricter restrictions from Apple compared with Google ensures they are also of a higher quality in general.

4 Support

When it comes to having a reliable and respected manufacturer behind your device they don’t come much more rock-steady than Apple. As such you’ll never have to worry about your device lacking support.

5 Upgrades

 iOS is an incredible operating system, but frequent upgrades ensure it only continues to get better.

6 Hardware Features

The iPhone was the first device to come with built in GPS, 3G, multitouch and a compass and it remains incredibly impressive in each of these categories still.

7 Resale Value

If you want to sell on your iPhone you can be sure to find a quick buyer and get a great price. Even the iPhone 1s are still selling for a reasonable price these days meaning upgrading never has to be too expensive.

8 iTunes

 Having access to the app store is only one part of the incredible media offering that Apple has for you if you own an iPhone. Fancy getting any new song or film at the touch of a button wherever you are? Then iPhones should be right up your street.

9 iCloud

In case you run out of space when it comes to all those films, apps and mp3s, Apple has provide cloud storage for all its users. This also means you can access your media library from any device with no need to transfer the files.

10 Smoothness

In terms of performance nothing really beats the iPhone. No longer to iPhones have the very higher specs, but Apple are firm believers that it’s not about your processor so much as what you do with it. That’s why the iPhone remains the smoothest and most responsive feeling OS on any platform. And it will never crash.

 While many devices might offer some of these features, there is no single phone that can offer such a combination of incredible features or do all those things so well. So if you’re looking for the best offering, look no further.

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